ZT’s 0999 Wins the Blade Show American-Made Knife of the Year Award

The new Zero Tolerance 0999 challenges assumptions about production knifemaking. Like where carbon fiber can go. Or that the handle and backspacer should be separate. Or that a blade can only be made from one kind of steel. With the 0999, we put all options on the table.

The Zero Tolernace 0999 was selected as the 2015 American Made Knife Of The Year at the annual Blade Show in Atlanta, Georgia. Blade Show awards represent the pinnacle of knife-industry awards. The winners are selected by an overwhelming vote of industry members, including representatives from ZT’s competitors. Winners are judged on a range of criteria—from design, innovation, and function to craftsmanship and quality.

Blade Show entrires like this enable us to challenge ourselves to experiment and achieve new levels in production knifemaking. Challenging assumptions with the new 0999 has resulted in a high-performance knife with a remarkably open and airy look—and some very unique features:

  • Proprietary Composite Blade—CTS-204p on the cutting edge, CPM D2 & carbon fiber upper
  • Carbon-fiber blade insert—almost seems to float in the blade cutout
  • Titanium clip—milled from solid titanium
  • KVT ball-bearing opening—for smooth, one-handed opening
  • Flipper cutout—flipper “flies through” the knife bridge; bridge doubles as a blade stop
  • Pivot cutout—shows off the polished washer
  • One-piece titanium frame lock & backspacer—milled from a half-inch thick billet of titanium
  • Logo reveal—closed, you see the composite blade logo and usa mark; open the knife and the zt and kai logos are revealed
  • Carbon-fiber handle with titanium overlay—contoured two-piece construction provides a comfortable grip

This Limited Edition knife will be available in 2016.

We reserve the right to change materials and specifications without notice. 

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