What Exactly is a Factory Custom Knife?

Part factory-built, part custom-built

Factory Custom knives from Zero Tolerance are an entirely new concept in knifemaking. We bring together handmade custom knife parts from renowned custom knifemakers with the exacting precision of ZT’s manufacturing prowess. The result is a brand new class of ultra-premium knife—part factory-built, part custom-built.

While we’ve often worked with custom knifemakers to design some of our exceptional knives, this is a different type of partnership. Working together, we can create knives with true custom details, while producing quantities that would be impossible for a custom knifemaker. The Zero Tolerance Factory Custom series brings you knives that offer the best of both worlds.

To date, we’ve worked with RJ & Matt Martin, Rick Hinderer, and Dmitry Sinkevich to create a series of collection-enhancing Factory Custom knives.

The RJ Martin design was the striking 0606CF with its unique See-Through Pivot (STP), custom-built by Matt Martin. The design also featured CTS-XHP blade steel and a two-tone, blue-and-gold anodized titanium handle with carbon fiber insert.

With Rick Hinderer, ZT did a series of blade-style and finish variations of his 0392 design. Part of the Factory Custom concept is to enable after-market customization so users can make them true, one-of-a-kind items. This is especially true with Rick’s work as his shop offers a range of custom parts. Hinderer offers custom brass, copper, or titanium standoffs, titanium handle screws, brass or copper lockbar stabilizers, and other hardware that will fit the ZT 0392s to make this Factory Custom even more custom.

From his workshop in Belarus, Dmitry Sinkevich creates a selection of custom hardware for ZT’s Factory Custom knives based on his popular 0450 design. Blade steel upgrades as well as machined handle detailing characterize these remarkable Factory Customs.

We expect to do more Factory Custom partnerships in the future, enabling ZT to bring you this truly unique class of knife—part custom and part precision-built by ZT.

0392, 0392PURBLKWC, 0392BRNGLD0606CF, 0609
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