The Kershaw/ZT Easter Egg Hunt returns April 14th

Get ready to search for bold ZT prizes.

This isn’t your typical Easter egg hunt. Instead, prepare for a trek that could reward you with Kershaw and ZT products.

Some of you might remember Kershaw & ZT Annual Easter Egg Hunts from the past. It’s been maybe four or five years since the first hunt. Once again, this event gives you the chance to win Kershaw and ZT swag across the continental United States. These items include hats, travel mugs, patches, and more.
Did we mention you have a chance to win knives as well?

That’s right — top prizes are available for both brands. All it will cost you is egg-finding abilities that would make the Easter egg bunny blush.

Here’s how it works. Our friends and sponsors in the Kershaw and ZT family will each hide an egg that contains instructions on how to claim your prize. To help you find an egg, we will post the clues on our Kershaw and ZT Facebook and Instagram pages. Some of the hiders will post clues on their Facebook or Instagram pages as well.

When we first started this contest, the hunt was limited to Oregon and southwest Washington. This year, there’s a good chance eggs will show up in your state. You never know where one might show up — so keep your eyes peeled. Don’t worry, you’ll only have to search public locations. No trespassing required!

Those who are placing the eggs include skateboarder Chris Cole, knife designer Rick Hinderer, competitive shooter Jesse Tischauser, UFC fighter T.J. Dillashaw, and many others. In total, 30 eggs will be waiting to be snatched up on April 14th.

Winners are limited to claiming one prize — so you can leave the giant egg basket at home. We want as many people as possible to have a chance at winning.

With that said, the hunt is on. Good luck, be safe, and have fun.

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