How to Wrap your Head Around ZT Knife Names

We get it — that’s a lot of numbers and letters to keep track of.

ZT’s history is full of lengthy names for its knives. Try saying 0452CFM390BLU 10 times fast. But while we admit that these model numbers don’t exactly roll off the tongue, you can learn a lot if you take time to decode them.

Most ZT names have one thing in common. Each number starts with a zero, which is by design. It isn’t called Zero Tolerance Knives for nothing. The zero is a constant reminder that our knives have “zero tolerance” for anything but the best. Simple enough, right?

After zero, the numbers get more complicated. To help keep things organized, ZTs are sometimes divided into different families. If you see two models that are very close in number, they’re probably part of the same family.

Take Dmitry Sinkevich knives, for example. The 0450, 0452, 0460, and 0462 are all similar to each other. That’s reflected in how close they are numerically. The same is true for Todd Rexford designs (0801, 0804, 0808).

This isn’t a hard and fast rule. You’ll find standalone knives that aren’t currently part of a family, such as the 0055. But this is still a good way to start thinking about ZT knife names.

Finally, the letters and numbers at the end tell you about specific ZT features. These can include handle materials, blade finishes, steel, and more. Limited Editions and Sprint Runs usually feature longer names, because they’re packed with extra goodies.

Below is a list of common abbreviations you may find in a model name.

View Full ZT Periodic Table PDF

With this in mind, the 0452CFM390BLU doesn’t seem so intimidating after all. It’s part of the Sinkevich family, it uses M390 blade steel, and it features blue anodizing. Congratulations, you’re now an expert ZT decoder!

What are some standout knife names in your ZT collection? Let us know in the comments below.

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