The Survival Blog Reviews the New 0560BW

Here's an except:

"I've reviewed several other Hinderer designed folders, all along the same line as this current folder under review for SurvivalBlog readers. Rick Hinderer is probably best known for the "Hinderer Lockbar Stabilizer" that is incorporated into the Titanium frame-lock style on his folding knives, which others are starting to copy (with or without license from Hinderer). What we have with the lockbar stabilizer is a simple two-piece special bolt/screw (for lack of a better term) that only allows the locking side of the frame lock to open to a certain point and no further. I've seen many frame-lock style locks that weren't properly heat-treated or the bend wasn't quite right, so the end user could over-extend the frame lock and ruin it. This is especially true with many of the cheap knock-offs from China. With the Hinderer lockbar stabilizer, you can NOT over-extend the locking bar on a folding knife."

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