The Siege & the ZT 0630 are Put to the Test at The Firearm Blog

Here's what the guys at The Firearm Blog had to say about the Zero Tolerance 0630 they recently tested:

"The blade design is a full bellied up swept drop point with a small false edge along the back. A really attractive blade altogether and should prove to be a useable design overall.

The blade also features a thumb disk for one handed opening, as well as the wave shaped opener inspired by Emerson knives. The Wave opener is addictive. It really is a joy snapping this thing out of your pocket. I was uneasy about some of the pocket opening features initially. I believe this design however seems to have it right. It has a definite release point, and does not get hung or caught unexpectedly. It took no time at all to get used to the action. I did notice it did not seem to work as well with my military pants pockets that are designed to allow a hand in and out easily, and required some more deliberate movement compared to my jeans or 5.11s. Consider your wardrobe if you want to get a wave opening knife but it comes highly recommended by this writer."

You can read the whole article at the link below.

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