ZT 0777 Officially Retired

The award-winning Zero Tolerance 0777 has been officially retired. While we did get a short production run of 0777s into the marketplace, we did not meet our target goal and the number of knives we had hoped to produce.

While we understand there will be disappointment, unfortunately there were some issues with the 0777 blade material that kept us from manufacturing to our intentions. Manufacturing and technology can be a difficult challenge, and the 0777 was our most demanding knife we've ever produced.

As an alternative, we will be offering the 0777M390.

The 0777M390 is identical to the original 0777, except for the blade material. In place of the Composite Blade, we will incorporate a solid blade of premium M390 steel, which will be fine stonewash finished.

As with every Zero Tolerance knife, each piece will be individually serial numbered. MSRP on the 0777M390 will $450, and it will begin shipping in August, 2013. We should be finished manufacturing those by September, 2013.

We thank you for your patience, and sincerely apologize to those that have been waiting for a 0777. Your understanding is very much appreciated.


Here is the new 0777M390 with its premium M390 steel.

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