Zero Tolerance Introduces Factory Custom, a New Concept in Knifemaking

Factory Custom brings together handmade custom knife parts with ZT precision-manufactured parts to create a new class of ultra-premium knives. While we’ve often worked with custom knifemakers to create some of our exceptional products, we’ve never had this kind of partnership before.

Now, working together, we can create knives with true custom details, while producing quantities that would be impossible for a custom knifemaker. Our new Factory Custom series brings you knives that offer the very best of both worlds. Factory Custom knives will also enable after-market customization so users can make them one-of-a-kind items. In the future, you can expect to see Factory Custom partnerships that will bring you some genuinely remarkable knives.

We're proud to announce that our first Factory Custom partner is renowned custom knifemaker Rick Hinderer—and our first Factory Custom knife is the Zero Tolerance 0392. The titanium hardware is custom made by Rick Hinderer and electro-anodized in cool blue. With ZT’s customary robust precision, we manufacture the blade from premium M390 and the handles from sturdy titanium. A built-in flipper and the KVT ball-bearing opening system make the 0392 exceptionally easy to open, so you can put to work on the task at hand.

Rick Hinderer is making the following custom parts for the Zero Tolernace 0392:

  • Steel pivot screw
  • Titanium tube spacers
  • Titanium handle screws
  • Titanium clip
  • Titanium filler tab

Blue not your color? Soon you'll be able to take your 0392 to the next level of customization by purchasing after-market hardware from Rick Hinderer to make your 0392 your own.

The 0392 is a Limited Edition knife. At present, there is no projections on how many of these knives will be available for purchase or when they will be available. Each 0392 will come with its own Certificate of Authenticity from Zero Tolerance and Rick Hinderer.



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