To Any Servicemember: A Special Offer from Kershaw and ZT

On this Veterans Day, Kai USA is proud to recognize those who have served in the US Armed Forces.

Veterans of the United States Armed Forces have undoubtably shown bravery, strength, and perseverance in protecting our freedoms. Here at Kai USA, we cannot thank them enough. We will always recognize and stand by those who have served.

If you are an active or retired servicemember, Kershaw and ZT knives offer a special military discount through ExpertVoice, a platform that sells products to expert users, such as those in the military. Simply sign up for the website and provide your military credentials, and you will gain access to up to 60% off on Kershaw and ZT products.

Please keep in mind that ZT knives are found on the Kershaw ExpertVoice page. Instead of separate stores for separate brands, we have a combined ExpertVoice store. This means you can find all the available products in the link above.

If you are not a servicemember, this discount applies to other experts too, like law enforcement. But on this Veterans Day, we wanted to give special recognition to the Armed Forces. Thank you for all of your service.

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