Super Fan Spotlight: TacTissy

ZT is putting our biggest fans in the spotlight.

ZT fans have proven to be a passionate bunch, showing off their knives on many social media platforms. We are often blown away by the appreciation from the ZT fan base. That’s why we’re introducing a new series to the ZT blog: “Super Fan Spotlight.” The goal of these posts is to highlight our most dedicated and loyal fans.

One particular ZT lover proudly demonstrates her enthusiasm for our knives. Popular shooter and 2nd amendment advocate Krystie Messenger knows what it means to go bold with ZT.

Krystie is better known as tacTissy to her fan base, which exceeds 500,000 people on Facebook. She aims to bring firearms awareness to as many women and girls as possible. If you follow her Instagram and Facebook pages, you can often see her at the shooting range and showing off the tools she carries.

That, of course, includes ZT Knives — or as tacTissy likes to call them: “ZT pokey sticks.” She usually carries an 0450CF to work. And when she visits the shooting range, she prefers an 0350. Whichever blade she chooses, it’s clear that tacTissy and ZT are a perfect match.

Aside from sharing images of ZTs, tacTissy exceeded Super Fan status when she helped ZT win the Knife Madness contest, hosted by The Truth About Knives. The competition pitted various knife manufacturers against each other in a bracket tournament.

With the help of tacTissy’s videos, ZT prevailed and emerged as the top knife manufacturer as voted by readers. Needless to say, we were thrilled to have her endorsement.

She even went so far as to help ZT by hiding eggs during two of the Kershaw/ZT Easter Egg Hunts. Krystie’s fun and goofy personality was on full display as she hid the eggs on her Facebook feed. That’s what tacTissy is all about — providing educational videos, while also being entertaining.

Much of that entertainment can be found on her YouTube channel, which contains many videos about herself, as well as product reviews. There’s a lot of tacTissy out there on many platforms, and we’re happy she has chosen ZT to be a part of her journey as a shooter.

What’s your favorite tacTissy video or post? Let us know in the comments and feel free to suggest what the next Superfan Spotlight should be.

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