Why Doesn’t ZT Release Limited Production Numbers?

Supply is limited, but there’s a reason the exact numbers are kept a mystery.

For many collectors, scarcity is an important factor. The ZT fanbase is no stranger to this phenomenon. Many of our most committed fans have wondered, why doesn’t ZT release exact production numbers?

We get it. Seeing a figure like “1 of 500” can certainly add to the experience of owning a collector’s item. But even though ZT has a long history of Limited Edition models, we withhold the exact production numbers.

The reason is simple. ZT wants to limit its influence over the secondary market, giving everyone a fair shot at purchasing a Limited Edition ZT. These knives tend to sell out quickly. If we were to reveal exact scarcity, it could encourage flipping and scalping on third-party websites. This policy is meant to discourage purchases for the strict purpose of reselling.

All Limited Edition ZTs have a unique serial number on the blade (model 0393BRNGLD). 

Rest assured, however. The number of Limited Edition ZTs is far, far less than standard production runs. These special models are the farthest thing from being “limited in name only.”

Each model requires extra-special attention and care from our most seasoned production employees. It takes a lot longer to build just one these intricate knives. In other words, it would be virtually impossible to produce these models on a mass scale.

For added collectability, ZT goes the extra mile into creating an elaborate packaging presentation. The knife is placed in a sturdy, beautiful Limited Edition box. Inside, you’ll find a Certificate of Authenticity. This certificate lists your knife’s unique serial number, which is also lasered on the back of the blade.

So, yes, the total production run will remain a secret. But there are many factors that make these ZTs highly desirable for collectors and enthusiasts. Above all, Limited Edition ZTs feature stunning beauty and top-of-the-line quality. That alone makes any of these special models a worthy addition to your collection.

Header photo: Model 0450FCDAM

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