SHOT Show 2019: New ZT Products Announced

Three new models add style and performance to the ZT lineup.

It was a busy week at SHOT Show. Bustling crowds, tons of booths, and countless new products added to the Las Vegas spectacle. Among them, ZT is always a highlight for attendees.

The team introduced new products to many attendees. From left to right: Nori Sawamura, Executive Vice President of Kai USA; Koji Endo, President and CEO of Kai Corporation; Phil Martin, President of Blue Ridge Knives; Jack Igarashi, COO of Kai USA; Thomas Welk, Director of Sales/Marketing/Product Development at Kai USA Sporting Division 

This year, ZT fans have three exciting new models to look forward to – all available within the first quarter of the year.


The knife world reacted to the 0022 with surprise and intrigue. After all, this is the smallest ZT we’ve ever built. Despite this, the knife is precision built with premium materials and a wicked Tim Galyean design. Its aggressive upswept blade is primed for cutting work. Yet its carbon fiber front scale and blue anodized pivot ring add class to the knife, making this a handsome ZT.

Carving out a unique spot in the ZT lineup, the 0022 shows that being bold doesn’t always mean big. It delivers high performance in a small package, complete with ZT’s quality fit and finish you’ve come to expect.


Last year’s 0393 delivered a strong Rick Hinderer design into the hands of knife users. This year, ZT is refreshing this model with a glow-in-the-dark carbon fiber version. Instead of a G-10 overlay, this new variant features smooth carbon fiber on both sides of the handle. At first glace, it appears just like standard black carbon fiber. But if you charge it up with light, your ZT will glow distinctly in the dark.

We also included Hinderer’s “working finish” on the blade. This no-nonsense finish hides scratches even better than stonewashed, encouraging you to get down and dirty.


Another popular ZT is getting an update in 2019. The curvy 0460 wowed ZT fans with its stunning Dmitry Sinkevich design. While the original version featured colored carbon fiber, it now comes in titanium as well, one of the strongest handle materials available.

With the 0460TI, you’re also getting an upgraded blade steel. CPM 20CV is extremely tough and resistant to edge chipping. ZT fans are quickly falling in love with the blade steel, which is now ZT’s standard choice for cataloged items going forward.

More New ZTs


After a surprise social media announcement late last year, the 0640 was released to critical acclaim. The Ernest Emerson design also made its SHOT Show debut last week. Booth visitors enjoyed its comfortable ergonomics and high-performance clip-point blade. A two-sided, green carbon fiber front scale adds plenty of interest to the overall look. 


A ZT fan favorite was recently updated with titanium scales. Internal milling made this knife even lighter than the carbon fiber version. This Rick Hinderer standout is available now.


Unveiled at BLADE Show 2018, the 0470 is another Dmitry Sinkevich home run. Users appreciate its stylish aesthetics, convenient size, and top-of-the-line cutting ability. Its marbled carbon fiber handle insert is an eye-catching addition that helps make this ZT a winner. 

Whether you were holding out a specific ZT variation, or are looking something entirely new, 2019 offers several options. Only one questions remains: what’s the next ZT on your wish list?

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