Koji Endo, CEO of Kai Corporation, Awarded the 2014 Leonardo da Vinci Prize

The Leonardo da Vinci Prize is an international award recognizing outstanding family businesses. Winners are selected for their commitment to tradition and passing on the heritage of their family business as well as for their company's innovation and vision for the future.

Kai Corporation became the first Japanese winner of the Leonardo da Vinci Prize at its fourth annual awards ceremony held under the auspices of Les Hénokiens and Château du Clos Lucé at the Imperial Hotel Tokyo on September 24th, 2014.

The Leonardo da Vinci Prize is an international award given to family businesses that have demonstrated an exceptional ability to pass down knowledge and values from generation to generation as well as innovating for the future. The awards were established by Les Hénokiens, an international association dedicated to family businesses, and the castellan of Château du Clos Lucé, in Amboise, France, where Leonardo da Vinci spent the last years of his life.

Kai Corporation was honored for its excellence in embracing these values:

  • History and tradition—Kai values ts history and tradition as the core of its operations
  • Business and family—Kai is proud of its family history
  • Fidelity and commitment—the founding family is committed to the preservation of its values and heritage
  • Dedication to the next generation—the founding family ensures that its visions and values are passed on to its successors
  • Innovation and modernity—Kai is resolved to remain innovative in order to remain competitive

Upon receiving the award, Koji Endo, President and CEO of Kai Corporation, commented that the company would "renew our determination to maintain and expand our position as a manufacturer of products loved and used by people around the world in the blade and associated industries. In our continued efforts to strive through many different challenges that the future may hold for us, we hope to benefit society by committing ourselves to upholding the honor of the Leonardo da Vinci Prize."

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