Discovering the Greater Value in ZT Knives

At a premium price point, ZTs offer a bang for your buck.

As you peruse the ZT catalog, you may notice a recurring theme. The price tag stretches into the range of hundreds of dollars. For some casual users, there could be sticker shock. But once you experience premium ZT quality, you’ll appreciate the value.

Still, making the ZT investment is a big decision. It’s important to do your research and make sure you’re buying a knife that’s right for you.  The first step is asking yourself what kind of knife you need.

Heavy Duty


Are you a tradesman, outdoorsman, or a handyman who regularly faces hard-use cutting tasks? Then you’ll need a knife of appropriate size and cutting power. ZT offers several options in this category, including the 0393GLCF, 0562, and the 0350.

Minimalist EDC


If you regularly wear business or dress attire for work or play, an equally classy knife can tackle all your cutting needs while adding a sense of style to your outfit. Many ZTs are fitted with black carbon fiber handles, which tend to match well with dress shirts and suits. Popular models include the 0450CF and the 0470. We even offer a tiny ZT, the 0022, for maximum discretion.

A Little Extra Flare


For those who want something a little extra, why not check out some of the more colorful ZTs? A variety of handle colors gives you something more to show off to friends. The 0609, 0640, and a variety of Sprint Run variations are sure to stand out.

Even if you have a general idea of what category of knife to go for, it can be hard to narrow down exactly what ZT you want. Here are some ways to help you make the choice.

Handle ZTs In-store

ZT Authorized Dealers

Our website offers plenty of photos and videos for each product, giving you an idea of what to expect. But nothing beats holding the knife for yourself – a true experience of premium ergonomics, smooth opening and closing action, luxury design, and USA build quality.

Look at the Cost Benefit

There are many reasons why ZT stands out from the competition. Maybe you bought an inexpensive knife to start, but later found that the edge dulled too quickly. That’s where ZT comes in. The brand only uses high-end blade steels, which keep an edge longer, so you don’t have to sharpen as often.

The 0456 and other ZTs use premium CPM 20CV blade steel.

ZT’s premium quality shines next to its competitors. While other high-priced knives use injection molded handles, we have zero tolerance for anything but the best. This means that titanium, carbon fiber, and G10 are the standard handle materials used for all ZT knives. And going forward, all catalog production models include CPM-20CV blade steel – a long-lasting, high-performance blade steel that’s made for those who want the best. 

When it comes to design itself, ZT often collaborates with custom knifemakers. One of the goals is to deliver these luxury pieces, which can approach $1,000, and offer them as more affordable production models. Even for those familiar with custom knives, ZT stands out as having “custom-like” quality. Whether its materials, beauty, fit and finish, or flipping action, some users may not even tell the difference.

Also keep in mind that ZTs are lifetime investment. Even in the rare event you have a problem with the knife, it’s covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty

Simply put, ZTs provide a better value compared to its competitors. This immediately becomes clear when you take into account materials used, fit and finish, and post-purchase customer service.

To begin your journey, have a look at the full ZT catalog and see what knives stand out to you.

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