3 Reasons Why Titanium Is a Premier Handle Material

Field & Stream breaks down different types of handles and highlights the 0801TI.

When evaluating knives, the blade is often the focal point. And that makes sense. After all, it's the part that does the actual cutting work. But keep in mind that the handle can be just as important. 

The choice in handle material is critical when designing a knife. The ZT lineup benefits from several choices, including G10, carbon fiber, and titanium. That last material has become very popular in recent years. Why? Well, there are several reasons titanium stands out. 

Field & Stream recently published a guide for handle materials. To represent titanium, the publication showed off the 0801TI. You can read the benefits in the full article, but we'll give you our own debrief below. 

1. Shedding the Ounces 

One of the main benefits of titanium is just how much lighter it is than steel – 45% in fact. In a world that values a light everyday carry, this benefit is immediately noticeable. Even on bigger ZTs, the low-density titanium helps keep the knife at a reasonable weight.

Not only does that make for a more comfortable carry in your pocket, but weight also impacts the overall balance in your hand. Specifically, titanium helps keep the ZT from being too handle heavy. 

2. A Strong Choice for the Job 

Even though titanium is relatively lightweight, it's one of the strongest handle materials available. This reliability is evident in a variety of working conditions. Even in the cold, titanium is a warm metal that won't be uncomfortable while you grip it. 

3. Keeping the Rust Away

If you've ever stored a knife in a drawer, chances are you've come across a nasty surprise at least once. Yes, we all hate rust spots. And with knives, you should take several precautions to take care of your knives. At the same time, owning a titanium knife can help a lot with corrosion resistance. 

Simply put, the alloy is highly resistant to rust. This makes product care easier, and you can confidently store your ZT for a reasonable period of time.

Because of these benefits, ZT has opted to use titanium on many of its modern folders. Oh, and as an added bonus, titanium is highly customizable. Many within the ZT community love to anodize their knife handles, and titanium offers the perfect template for just that. 

You can read more about handle materials on our technology page. What do you think? What's your favorite handle material? Let us know in the comments below. 

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